3D printed battle-armor for cats


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Scale it up as a prop/costume for a remake of the live-action He-Man movie Masters of the Universe?

I wonder if Dolph Lundgren would be interested in making a cameo.


Came for pic of kitteh wearing said armor. Leaving with a sad. :frowning2:


Check the original post—I don’t know why but the money shot got left out of the forum version.


I think an important step is missing: The 3D-printed battle-armour for the human being trying to dress up the cat.


Me too–didn’t show up in the BBS version…but wait no more!

I think Virginia needs some training to use it properly.


Like your cat needs another reason to hate you.


Poor kitty. Is your kitty weak and cowardly? Mine is badass with no armor at all.


That may be useful if dogs ever master the use of plastic swords, but until then I think a cat would rather have the speed and mobility that comes with being naked.


I believe the widely accepted compromise between armour and mobility is a chainmail bikini.


I thought that this was covered here a few months ago when this first was released?


So the tail armor is just hanging decoration? Good luck getting a kitty to keep its tail under this accoutrement.


You win all internets!


It’s been a long time since I saw an actual feline cat fight, but I remember they go for the head and neck a lot, so this armor is nearly useless, and will probably make it harder for the cat to actually move around (so worse than useless.)

(Yes yes, In know, it’s for show, not actual fighting, please forgive me.)


Needs moar Dog Armour (courtesy of Hieronymus Bosch):


Bonus Samurai Dog Battle-Armour:

Either late Edo period (circa. 1800-50) according to the auction house, or a ludicrous forgery to relieve gullible numpties of their excess moneys.


But dogs actually take direction and can be useful on a battlefield. Cats are mascots and independent contractor pest control at best.


Virginia is a very patient kitteh. Mine would object, strenuously, with all their pointy ends.


I already have hand scars.


Not cool. Poor cat can barely move.