Giant game of real-life pong, anyone?


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So when you say “real life” you mean “also a video game like regular pong”.

Last week I played pickleball for the first time. I’d never heard of the game before - it’s basically giant ping pong. No more or less “real” than regular ping pong.


Isn’t that just called “Tennis”?


Will it also do giant Breakout?


I think we should start calling Ping Pong “Real-life Pong” and NASCAR races “Real-life Mario Cart.”


Tennis is too 3-D. I think Air Hockey is much more real-life PONG.


You call that big. Video of a Tetris game on a 29 story building.

Giant Tetris game


Kind of cool, but I think I’d hold out for a copy of Adventure. Sports titles never did it for me.

Except for maybe bowling. I liked being able to control the ball with the joystick after rolling it.


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