Giant hats were the cellphones of the silent movie era


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I remember an old episode of You Can’t Do That On Television where some kids in a movie theatre are annoyed by a drunk-looking guy sitting in front of them who’s wearing a top hat. They get his attention and ask that he take it off, which he does, except it turns out he has a tall, hat-shaped cylindrical mass of hair that he had been concealing.


Heheheh. The past. So weird!


All I could think of was, “Man, they could communicate with giant hats back then? Wait…”


I don’t remember that. Is there a video of it online? I don’t know. [gets slimed]


I too was hoping the hats concealed some sort of device for transmitting lines to the unstudied actors…
…But then, it’s a silent movie, so it wouldn’t matter what they said, would it?


Also known as Les Lye who always looked at least sort of drunk to me. I was going to say something about hats and movie theaters but it was swept away by a wave of warm nostalgia, and I thank you for that.


100 years from now…
Giant phones were the bioluminescent tattoos of the pre-synthespian era.


But it wasn’t enjoyable to have angry birds on them.


Unless you ♪ called it ma-ca-ro-ni

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