Giant jigsaw puzzle took 9 months to complete - watch a timelapse

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My brother is building a wooden airplane – been working on it for about 6 years, probably has 2 more to go – and I bet more people finish kit airplanes than finish jigsaw puzzles this big. Crazy.

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If you’re querulously scratching your head about the oddity of those dimensions, it works out to 570x157cm. That’s almost nine square meters! (And if you find the metric system daunting, that’s about the size of a small (American) bedroom.)


Me and my older brother used to do 1000 to 2000 piece puzzles as kids, i recall having a lot of fun doing those but i can’t imagine how laborious it’d be to finish this giant thing. I wonder if the guy affixed the finished piece to a board to display or if he broke it back down.


I’ve done big puzzles, not this big, 12k pieces is my largest. Big puzzles usually come bagged in individual sections. It’s hard to tell from the video but it looks like 10 individual sections. He didn’t mix the pieces up so really he did 10 3360 piece puzzles. I could be wrong here, it may have been 5 6720 piece puzzles. However, its highly unlikely that he did one 33600 piece puzzle.


Puzzling, very puzzling.

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The most committed mounting I’ve ever seen: he cut a hole in his carpet and had it glued to the floor.


I can’t believe he went 9 months with ZERO porn going across that computer screen!

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We did a 1000 a while ago. The castle was easy, the forest in the foreground was harder. We almost gave up on the sky with just a few small clouds and slightly varying shades of blue. This one looks relatively easy with all the colorful critters.

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I feel your pain. Depending on the theme of a puzzle finding the corresponding pieces can be a pain. I’m surprised that as a young kid i had the patience to do some of these puzzles with a high number of pieces.

You obviously didn’t have an evil genius sibling who every now and then discreetly mixed in a handful of pieces from another puzzle.

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To be honest i probably would have been that evil sibling. Though i enjoyed working the puzzles a lot so i don’t think i would have gone that far lol.

how do you know he doesn’t have a dedicated porn pc elsewhere?

This is my 12K puzzle. The sky is insane, as are the towers with all their tiny windows. The bridge and Saturn were the only reasonable parts to do.


I wonder if anyone has tried to photograph each piece and write a program for a computer to do the assembling. Think they have done it for re-assembling shredded documents, which is a similar problem. Also, did he not do the edges first? Thought everyone did that.

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He did, it is essentially 5 seperate puzzles that go together when done. Watch the video again.

That’s what I get for commenting before I wake up!

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Guaranteed quality time away from the toddlers and pets.

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