32,000 piece Keith Haring jigsaw puzzle for masochists


I’m mostly jigsaw puzzle ignorant, so correct me if I’m wrong, but:

Aren’t the puzzle pieces cut in a recurring pattern rather than as random shapes? If so, then only having six colors in such large swaths would mean that many of the pieces are interchangeable.

Random variations are standard practice. Never seen a puzzle where the pieces are interchangeable, actually, even in ones that had large swathes of the same colour.

Each piece is supposed to be unique. There are some puzzles that use recurring patterns, but they’re an aberration, not the default.

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Puzzles with repeating pieces exist:

But they’re mostly for novelty purposes.

perfect for my next family beach trip. i can’t wait.

Of course, it had to be Ravensburger. A friend has boxes filled with boxes of these, a lot of Monet in particular, great stuff.
But you wanna really up the ante? Make it a Pollock! Or an Ad Reinhard:

You have to be careful with puzzles that big. My nephew once got a giant puzzle, 9000 pieces, and it was shipped in two bags. He did not notice that they gave him two bags of the left half and zero of the right half until after he mixed up all the pieces. Then he found that he was solving two nearly identical puzzles of half of the picture on the box, but one was offset from the other by about 1/2 a millimeter. Hilarity ensued.

Seriously? If your life is so boring that this is actually appealing to you as a great way to spend many, many hours, you need to get a life.

Ravensburger also makes 3D puzzles, which are much more (IMHO) interesting than the 2D variety.


Of course I’d also say the same thing about videogames. Oh look another indie 2D platformer. How novel.

Yeah! Fuck those people. They should do something productive like read and comment on random stories on the internet.


I don’t spend a lot of time on the internet, but I find reading on the internet far better than watching TV. I learn something new every day. And occasionally, yes, I’ll state my opinions/thoughts/rants…as you do.

Let’s stay on topic.

I remember a puzzle when I was younger that had a complex cartoon ski scene on one side with lots of similarly drawn people. On the other side they had put the exact same image, but rotated 90 degrees. I think this is it.

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