Absolutely brutal single color jigsaw puzzles


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Polar bear in a snow storm.
Black bear at night.

Take your pick.


For those times when you absolutely have exhausted all avenues to escape boredom. What the heck, try adding the challenge of putting it together in a dark room. I can’t imagine it would be much more difficult.



I have seen one like that back in the 80s like that but the border was not a regular shape either.

There was another that had nearly identical cut pieces and printed on both sides. (the trick to that was the other side was rotated so you could flip the piece and it would go in the opposite side along a diagonal)


Is… is this why Japan has such a high suicide rate? Just looking at that pile of same colored, tiny pieces makes me want to end it all…


Am reminded of one of the unfinished puzzles Olivier’s character in Sleuth was working on, all white pieces and I think it was also round.


Pro Tip- Every puzzle has this feature: assemble it printed side down!


In the 1960’s my parents had a puzzle called “Little Red Riding Hood’s Hood” which was a 500 piece solid red circular puzzle. For some strange reason they were unhappy when my siblings and I knocked the mostly completed puzzle off the table while rough housing.

Now the puzzle is “vintage” https://mobile.twitter.com/mikeolenick/status/939144876276494336 l guess that means I’m vintage too.


That’s easy. After you assemble the edge pieces, just look for all the ones with the black sky. Then you can start in on the black riverbank…


I cannot remember where I read that the children of two famous paleontologists (the Leakeys?) enjoyed putting jigsaw puzzles together face down, and this was assumed to be a genetic skill linked to their parents’ exceptional skill at reassembling bone fragments into reconstructed skeletons.



So after assembly, you can paint your own scene on it, and then gift a unique, personalized puzzle. I’m guessing there are web services where you can just order your own art as a puzzle though.


We had two of those, and both were missing pieces. We never got close to completing one


Start with one piece, then compare it to the other 999 pieces. Once you have found it, repeat n-1.


I like the barbed wire motif around the corner of the box.


Great for fans of “bullet hell” shooters.



That’s awesome. Reminds me of those evil Mario hacks.


The perfect sadistic birthday present to all your friends with OCD like traits :smiley: