This jigsaw puzzle has no border


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OCD Hell


If there is no border, how can I build a wall around it?


I was honestly expecting all the pieces to be the same colour.



Nonsense, you make a plan and iterate. I always do the no-border first.

If you were to insist that they fall like dominoes from a 4-storey mezzanine to power a bellows that operates the shaving cream extrusion vacuum pump, that’s more like it. Depending on how the pieces land they can invoke the deterministic response of a different unrenewable political resource each time (every 30 times, they are invoked in a manner to pay an artist who’s made a work titled ‘Make the pie higher’ before.)


How can you keep out Muslim pieces?


It would only ban Bad People who threaten the peace and prosperity of Puzzle Land. If that ban happens to single out one religion, and only countries where I don’t have business dealings, well, that would be an accident and a shame.

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