Giant pizza 103 meters (338 feet) long raised funds for Australia firefighters

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Would two mediums (at 51.5 meters each) have raised more money?


This long pizza makes me imagine an even longer one:
Chefs in Harlem mix dough, rolling it, adding it to the raw end.
Toppings and sauce are thrown on as it travels ever, so, slowly
down Frederick Douglass, then Central Park West,
through a permanent brick oven at the Museum of Art and Design,
then cools on its way through the garment district
until it is the perfect temperature to be sliced and ingested
at Starbucks in the West Village. How long is this pizza?
Simultaneously, it’s been being prepared, baked, and eaten
since before anyone can remember.


Is it tasteless if the pizza is cooked in an open flame oven?


With a slightly more complicated production line, you could also do other dishes this way. A sub sandwich, certainly. A hotdog? A burrito?

In other news, a water bombing C130 has just gone down in New South Wales.

Confirmed three crew dead.

As luck would have it Australia didn’t need to construct a special cooking apparatus since the country has already been transformed into the world’s largest wood burning oven.


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