Giant playable replica of Nintendo Game and Watch system

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Cool stuff! Nice work Connor!

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That’s not the game and watch Legend of Zelda - that’s the NES Legend of Zelda running on an emulation box stuffed in an ugly foamcore (or Masonite?) and printed-paper facsimile of a broken Game and Watch that is decidedly not the Legend of Zelda Game and Watch, which was dual screen. And, for some reason, there’s an ugly repainted Super Nintendo controller just dangling out of the bottom.

This is a replica of the new version of the Zelda Game and Watch series. This version is being released by Nintendo next month. Just search for Zelda Game and Watch and it is easy to find.

The controller is dangling out of the bottom to allow a person to play the game. The “broken” exposed electronics are there for style. But yes, this is absolutely an emulation box stuffed into a corrugated plastic and paper-printed facsimile :slight_smile:

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By ‘ugly’ I think you meant ‘incredibly aesthetically pleasing and evocative of Lance Barr or Micheal Graves’ :wink:

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