Giant wave sends people sliding across parking lot


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Here in San Diego, this is such a common event that we hardly take notice any longer. Folks, never turn your back on the Ocean, ever.


It’s a tidal bore in the Qiantang River at the Meinv dam in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, China.
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i was going to guess a tidal bore on the yangtze… lol. close.


People easily forget the the ocean is wild. Feed it a few small swimmers and it can seem so tame. But then it takes a big chunk out of your parking lot - and who’s laughing now?


I think it’s R’lyeh rising from the deep to reclaim the Earth.


Oh, R’lyeh, you didn’t go there…


Easily evidenced by the fact that he’s not speaking gibberish…


Totally agreed. He’ll talk real nice to your face and then steal you blind.


I can’t see it from here. Which way is north again?


my couch is positioned correctly. the sea is to my right, about 350 km (and one mountain chain) away.


A conspiracy theorist might theorize that the cameraman wouldn’t be filming unless HE KNEW this was going to happen. Logically, he must have caused the event himself. Clearly the work of some supervillain. What some folks won’t do for attention.


It’s a false flag, of course. And BTW, did anyone see HRC the day that happened? AHA!!!


This aways!

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