10 Incredible Crowds


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ool (yeah right).

I spotted Wally/Waldo!

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10 is far too round of a number. It needs to be 9, or 11, or 17.


I love the neat, orderly rows on the German beach.


“The world is not overcrowded”.
Umm, yes it is.


Hooray! Buzzfeed Listicles on Boing Boing!

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I was curious about the Lloyd’s of London’s Remembrance Day event and found a good article here with more photos, including this one which is ever more boggling.

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Unlike, say, man-made global warming, there is much disagreement on this. There are places that don’t have access to necessary resources and too high a concentration of people, but it doesn’t follow necessarily that the planet is overpopulated. Along with decreasing rates of poverty and hunger, birthrates in the most populated places are falling dramatically. The UN estimates now that world population will start falling in 2075 when it peaks at just over 9 billion.


Certain areas are, but overall we have lots of room and resources for more people.


23 or 42

Buzzfeed? is that you?

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That’s true, the number of people the planet can support varies widely depending on factors like lifestyle. Are we talking about 7 billion people who all own SUVs and eat steak every day or 7 billion vegans who live together in low-impact communes?


Seeing as how most people find both of those lifestyles very unattractive, I don’t think it’s going to be an issue.

7 billion who all drive SUVs powered by photosynthetic algae biofuels, eat steaks made from stem-cells, cricket powder and (more) algae, and have near-infinite power due to fusion reactors coming online.

Ha, eat that! WoooOOOooo technoutopia!!!1 Let’s not worry about the present because scientists will save us!


I’d feel very uncomfortable in a modern building with that type of crowd density. Did the designers take into account ‘every square in full of people’; and most importantly did the contractors stick to the plans?

Sometimes that many people can cause unexpected stress on structures.
Especially if they start walking in unison…or just watching a dance competition as in the collapse of the sky bridge in the Hyatt in Kansas City.

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I agree. Not sure that’s a place I’d want to be. Cool picture though.

That accident wasn’t due to unexpected stress. It’s not that too many people exceeded its design perimeters. It was from changes in the design done in mid-construction that never met the original design specs.

I am sure such buildings as those above were designed to handle a crowd that large. Now, whether there was a screw up during construction that compromised the strength of the structure isn’t really obvious until it fails. But that happens so rarely I wouldn’t worry about it. You’re more likely to get killed in a crosswalk at the mall.

How about this crowd? (A Spencer Tunick shoot in Munich.)

Is that Martin Prince’s pool…?