GIF: cross-section of human body, top to bottom


I can’t find any references but in the 90’s, I remember reports of med students trying to download the Visible Human via dial-up connections.


A small clarification: Unless my memory (and my just-now quick gloss of the Visible Human Project’s Wikipedia page) is mistaken, animations such as this one aren’t based on MRI images of a cadaver. They’re made of plain-old visible-light photographs taken of a specially treated cadaver as it gets gradually (and permanently) sliced up, head-to-toe, like baloney.

(Clarification of my clarification, on reading the article a bit deeper: the cadaver was less sliced up than ground away, one super-thin layer at a time.)


Your memory is correct. Nothing to do with MRI.

Yep, he was cut up. I did some light painting with this guy!

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Gross. No wonder the beings from the fourth dimension won’t contact us. Would you?




4th dimension is time.
(You can be in the same space, but in different times)

5th dimension is consciousness.
(You can be in the same space and time, but two different ‘places of mind’)

You have to go to at least the 6th dimension to break new ground, so-to-speak.

Or perhaps there is only one dimension and it’s consciousness.

Personally I think it’s time that doesn’t exist, and I’m not 100% sure about consciousness either. But I can demonstrate x, y, and z - see?

You can give consciousness a 1-dimensional coordinate chart?

[size=7](Oh crazy Baldwin, why did you have to ruin Jayne…)[/size]

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That’s the point.

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This is the body of some executed prisoner, right? I thought they used a cadaver from a lethal injection execution to get images of someone otherwise in good health and who died without suffering massive injury.

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What is?

No one here is addressing the most egregious problem here: Where did his junk go?


It is- a murderer named Joseph Paul Jernigan. He agreed to donate his body to science, but did not know exactly what would be done with it.

This image is specifically the Visible Human Male. There’s also a Visible Human Female, who is not an executed criminal- she died of a heart attack. Her husband requested that she not be named.

Gantz anyone?

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That’s a joke, son! Something one-dimensional is a point.

Actually, now I realize it’s a line… I wrote that very late last night. I’m sorry.

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