GIF: Panda dodges laser blasts




Happy Laser-Pandas Monday at boingboing?

I… I could get used to that.




It’s a masked Ewok.


that’s not very funny if it’s real. if it is real, then more proof of animal intelligence and are thinking beings, even if that thought is “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, not like this!”.


That tiny panda was actually only two days away from retirement.


I have no idea why I love this, but thank you Xeni.

I went “pew! Pew pew!


I want the full movie.


That is one badass panda!


It’s all too real. What’s more, it’s perpetrated by terrorists. Worse yet: they’re working with the CIA’s torture division. And worst of all? The whole thing could have been prevented if the panda had only implemented end-to-end encryption.

Hey, uh, tech support? I can’t get the “deadpan” HTML tag to close.


“deadpan” = anagram for “pandaed”.



Not only can you not get it to close, you left the ‘da’ off the end of ‘deadpan’.



Indeed. The panda has quite a deadly legacy:



(“body is invalid, try to be a little more descriptive” hectors the BBS.)


They should build spaceships entirely out of those tables.


Elusis – Silly Bourgeois-Stooge – Pandas are counter-revolutionary - as are the decadent chain of restaurants they operate in your backward, litter-afflicted bourgeois failed estates!

You that country United States must pay for the arrogance of your and yes-sir/ma’am you surely will and your Pandas way be rehabilitated once Cowboy-Ronnie retakes Gotham!!!

May the god that you cohabit have mercy on all your souls!

What a cool GIF…I’ve saved it, and I’ve shared it with some peeps. Thanks Xeni et al for the laugh.


Why they cut this from The Expendables III I will never know…


“You rebel scum.”


Some of those shots are too accurate for stormtroopers. I’m thinking it was nearsighted sandpeople.