Man horrifically mauled after jumping into giant panda den


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I can’t bear another post pandering to a blood-thirsty audience.


Don’t you mean “pandaring”?


It’s a veritable pandemic!


It’s pandemonium in this zoo in China.


No need to get all Pandantic about it.


I know the joke about this series is about adorable animals acting adorably while described as attacking, but just because pandas are cute doesn’t mean they can’t actually be dangerous when annoyed.


Where is the horrific mauling? I’m bamboozled.


This looks fun!


I always have to read the comments before watching one of these videos. Just to make sure I know what I’m getting into.


Panda 1

El Stupido 0


Pandas are the combination of Buster Bluth … and a bear.


So the “bodyfat-based combat” portion of Kung Fu Panda was biologically accurate?


Not once did the cameraperson think to panda camera.


I’m imagining this bear is thinking one thing. “SNUGGGGGLE!!!”


This is why pandas are the worst animal. Only bear that can’t even get a mauling right.


This would have been more satisfying if he’d tried to convert the panda to Christianity – those stories are one of the highlights of my year as a news consumer.


Was the man’s name by any chance George?


They really should post signs:



Be warned: the predictable results are even more harrowing than the scene from The Revenant where Leonardo diCaprio’s character is relentlessly savaged by a grizzly.