Gift Idea? "The Invisible Backpack of White Privilege"

Too bad these can’t be given out as gifts. You’re either born with it – or not!

(I’d include a product pic but they’re, you know, invisible…)

The Invisible Backpack of White Privilege is great for carrying questionable things like weed, Ponzi schemes, and sex crimes. I have lived in dense urban areas my whole life, and the cops never once search my Invisible Backpack. Then again, that’s probably just because, like people always tell me, I have a really trustworthy vibe as a person.

My roommate Sam has a visible backpack from Northface, which he says cost him so much that he and his family are still paying for it, whatever that means. Personally, I prefer function over trend. Sam had the nerve to suggest that if I were to trade my backpack for his backpack, I’d see what he means.


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