Gimp Man gives £1 to charity every time someone posts a photo of him


I cant help but wonder if those boots are doing a splash sound after wearing the uniform for a while.
On another thought, this uniform might be useful on Arrakis.

Edit: He does have a nice posture too. DC/Marvel hero like


I think it’s amusing people are calling him a pedophile. That gimp suit would probably not be an effective way to lure kids.

But as soon as I saw “gimp man” I started hoping for this:

Now there’s a powerful lure for kids of all ages!


Let’s try that for aerodynamic efficiency.

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sexual predilection that isnt theirs = gay = paedophile.

Welcome to the mind of the moral majority.


neither the Beeb nor BB explain or link to what his charity is, so here’s the link:

guy seems pretty cool.

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Also not mentioned, heres a link to the national organisation

and from there a list of local Minds


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