There's jockstrap huffing in this TV commercial for Gain


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jockstrap huffing

Well, that’s not a phrase you see everyday…


Wait, jock straps are supposed to smell bad?




Well, that’s not a phrase you smell everyday…



I wake up there, everyday; desperately hoping to find my way back…

Or ever.

Being a single woman with no males living on the premises has its’ benefits, clearly.


BB is the light at the end of that tunnel, I think…


It helps me keep the semblance of sanity that I maintain…


From a marketing perspective, mission accomplished.
(Everyone is now talking about it.)

If I were the marketer, I would just re-air a re-shoot of the same commercial using gym socks, but discretely hang said jockstrap from in the re-printing of a sampling of the product logo graphics.


Either people are much less aware of the world of gay erotica than I thought, or this commercial was deliberately written to show [what many gay men would read as] a sex act between a young boy and his father. I suppose if this was made by some Midwestern family-run ad agency, I could just about buy the first option.

The ad would make a lot more sense if it was a sock rather than a jockstrap, which I guess lends credence to the “horrifying mistake” theory. Like, if the sock didn’t look white enough on camera or something, so the crew swapped it without realising what they were doing.


An inhale-o-sexual?


I wonder if that was intentional…


well, as a gay guy, i can see why huffing that dad’s jockstrap could definitely be hot. but having a kid doing it is just wrong. i am amazed this was actually produced.


Maybe you don’t.


“Hey Billy, look at this weird crusty yellow sock I found under our older brother’s bed. Take a whiff!..”


Yet. Give it time…


How many people under 40 even know what a jockstrap is anymore? That dad is too young to be of the generation that wore jockstraps in gym class, and he’s a little too happy to be sniffing it. And the kid is way too young to be shown sniffing one. It seems like this was intended to be (not so) stealth marketing to gays, but including the kid puts it almost in NAMBLA territory.


“The… uh… jock strap… is a strap… that consists of a… strap-type material… that is… utilized… exclusively for the purposes… of… jocks.” —Kevin Arnold, put on the spot by Coach Cutlip (The Wonder Years)


Giggle all you want, but to anybody who’s ever worn one, the meaning of a jock isn’t sexual at all. It’s vital protection for vital bits, and a breeding ground for horrible, durable funk. There are microbes that will drink up your detergent like morning coffee. Only bleach will kill them. They make gym socks seem like attar of roses.

And a jock is not exotic. Lots of sports require protection - I wore one for martial arts, some years back. The only reason they would seem old-fashioned is if 1) kids these days have no testicles, 2) Tesla has developed a new, more durable testicle, or 3) the observer’s athletic kids have grown up and moved out.


You are so obviously not gay, dear friend.