"Girls who code" book series banned by a Pennsylvania school district

Let’s be honest. Coding is a slippery slope.


I understand that you don’t mean to engage in stereotyping, and I usually enjoy Carville’s little political zingers. I’m from the Alabama part of Alabama, so I’m always interested when people use the word “Alabama” as a substitute for “backward ignorant rednecks” as if every state wasn’t full of people who fit the bill. I like the idea of writing “I’m from the Central Pennsylvania part of Alabama,” but it doesn’t quite have the same ring.


Pittsburgh on one side, Philadelphia on the other, with Alabama in the middle.

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Oof, not a good combination these days


The Pittsburgh/Philadelphia thing wouldn’t be so remarkable if not for a mountain range separating the two.

when coding is outlawed , only outlaws will 3f 4e d2 d2 b5 32 71 7b !!!


To my mind, it is a technicality. If you are telling teachers in a school that they can’t use a book in their classes, it’s a ban.

And maybe worse… I mean, if a book is so inappropriate for kids that you have to forbid teachers from using it, it shouldn’t be in the school library. This is saying “Well, there’s nothing wrong per se in kids seeing girls interested in STEM stuff, that’s just not the kind of message we want in our classrooms.” ?!?


Because clearly only dudes are supposed to code. It’s tradition after all, going back hundreds of years. #teambrogrammer

In case it’s obvious, everything I said is qualified with a huge /s. I am fully aware that it was largely women that were trailblazers in computer programming.


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“?NÒÒµ2q{” ?


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Spot on. The Russian propaganda paper “Pravda” is probably the prime example.

Obviously, they object to being able to see above that middle girl’s ankles. Scandalous!


Someone should write a Boys Who Code book and see if it gets banned


From the school district Facebook account.

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 17-45-13 Central York School District Facebook


Is it whataboutist of me to wonder whether York might want to devote its time & resources to bigger issues (like, say, opioid crises) than books?

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Don’t you know the only acceptable occupation for a black girl is cleaning toilets? It was true of the eulogized Queen Elizabeth II and also of Pennsylvania.


If that was the case they wouldn’t bother banning any books, because they would be too busy dealing with their bigger issues. Although restricting abscess to books is quite a large issue in and of itself.

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Kenan Thompson Reaction GIF by Saturday Night Live

Well yeah… maths is hard on the old lady brain, as everyone knows.



After all, didn’t Barbie admit to it? “Math is hard!”. :man_facepalming:

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It’s unfortunate, but the more rural parts of the country really do fit into that particular stereotype. I can myself point to all the areas outside of major cities here in NY that fall afoul of this. Sure not everyone in those areas is that way, but the majority are and no amount of denial is going to change that. I agree however that it’s a bit crass to single out a single state as being the epitome of such backwards thinking and attitudes.

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