Gitmo detainee won't be released because Afghanistan War isn't really over, says U.S. government


I think technically the Vietnam war never ended either. You think they should have hung onto a few Americans?

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We’ve always been at war with Eastasia. We’ll always be at war with Afghanistan.


They did.

Since they never had to declare war through congress in the first place, why should it matter when they say it’s over?


So GITMO detainees are now categorized as prisoners of war to be released at end of hostilities? I remember the Bush administration invented some BS category for the express purpose of side-stepping the Geneva Convention (e.g. they could be tortured and held indefinitely).


US GOV has a habit of not using logic, but uses pretzel logic en masse.


“Illegal enemy combatants”, man. They are neither criminals nor soldiers because, er, um, reasons. And authoritative arguments. And stuff.


Pax (not Pax) Americana. We shall fight to keep the peace!
Where’s this pretzel you speak of? Pax’ing is hungry work.

What else would you call the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force except a declaration of war against parties to be determined later? Aside from a bad idea.

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Not really, not without fudging the numbers.

A “use of Military Force”.

All the fun of a war, less of the political responsibility!

They’ll be given a trial or be released as soon as we win the war on terror.

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