Gizmodo Media Staff Enraged at New CEO’s ‘Insane’ Direction

Gizmodo Media Group was sold by Univision to Great Hill Partners, a vampire capitalist firm. The first thing GH Partners did was fire editors (mainly, Jalopnik and Special Projects) and move into a new Roach-infested office at Times Square. And then quadrupled ads on pages. The new owner-appointed CEO has been on a roaring rampage of attempting to sell out actual ethics.

The staff had unionized just in time.

You might really like your boss, but unionize motherlovers, cuz owners can change in an instant.


I’d expect some serious and public pushback from GMG staff at some point; they don’t usually hesitate to bite the hand that feeds them. I recall them publishing at least one article heavily critical of former owner Univision before the sale.

This strategy also won’t improve the quality of site content-- which is already less than it was. Io9 is a shadow of its former self, and I haven’t been around the AVClub for long, but regulars there complain too.

And those :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: autoplay videos! I try to scrollpast quickly enough to prevent them starting, or pause them once they start. They are still incredibly annoying. I’m searching for a mobile browser extention to kill them dead; I’ll be a much happier camper once I find it.


Word. Bookshelf Injection is fucking dire. mainly that’s due to no more Annalee, but yeah, the whole lot is terrible.


Try the mobile version of Brave.

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