GlassDuo adds a theremin to their ethereal glass harp music

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The should perform Philip Glass instead, and work in a glass harmonica (imagines bleeding fingers) or maybe not.

Now add a musical saw.

There’s one concert DVD that has at one point or another, someone playing saw, theremin, glasses, or some combination (in addition to the rest of the orchestra, of course)

Ah yes, here’s a bit where you can hear both glasses and theremin

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That’s fascinating - thankee! It’s nerdly notable that the glass harp produces an approximate sine wave (smoothish/flute-like) while the theremin produces an approximate triangle wave (staccato-ish/stringed instrument-like)


Wow someone who can play a theramin at the level of Clara Rockmore… a rarity.


Isn’t that a choice though? Any kind of pitch oscillator could be substituted and any array of filters could be used to shape the waveform.


I’ve built a couple of “opto-theremins” in the past and been tempted by these control voltage “theramin” antennas, which can provide control voltage for any oscillator. The downside is to recreate a proper theremin you’d need two - one for pitch and one for volume.

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