Glenn Payette, CBC News, St. Jooooooooooooooohns


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Where is Glenn Payette?


Someone should ask Peter Mansbridge if this is some ridiculous running gag.


I liked the part where he said “St. Johns.”


Broadcasting school in Canada has some weird ways of pronouncing cities. Even a major city like Toronto is pronounced by announcers and its own residents in different ways - the second “t” is the contention point.


Well, the T in Dortmund is silent.
And when you reach the bit where the T would be spoken if it wasn’t silent, you blink both eyes.


He looks like he became self-aware of his pronunciation when he is wearing that chartreuse coat.


What second “T”? I’m not even from Turonnah and even I know that.

What’s sad is when they get hold of a name like Abbotsford.


I assume you’re referring to the town of Abbot’s Ford, which I assume is somewhere in the valley even though I can’t find it on any maps.


Well, chartreuse is heavy stuff.





I thought it was pronounced “Trahnno”?


isn’t it sinjin?

as in


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