Glitch News


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I really like the glitch aesthetic, always liked pixel stuff too - are we of the same generation Rob? I’ve often wondered if it’s tied to that in some way (80s/early 90s kid).

I messed about with some glitch stuff myself a while back - had a lot of fun with it. All ‘forced’, but not edited/manipulated at all:

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I’ve noticed, particularly in airports, that sometimes glitches will cause the screens to freeze and unfreeze so that new presenters jerk around exactly like Max Headroom. What a prophetic show!

Pew Pew Pew!

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Thanks for this Rob, they’re beautiful. I wonder what some of the codecs are for those video streams, because some of those glitch effects I’ve never seen before.

Dear Boing Boing,

Please stop playing with my heart. As one of the few places that discussed the game Glitch, when I see a headline that says “Glitch News”, I have a moment of “maybe she came back!” only to have my heart crushed again.


Animated glitch GIFs are also a thing, for example:

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