Lessons from Glitch


Any chance the Boing Boing staff would reveal their glitch names? I was Snarkle.

A lot of Glitchens are now roaming in Manyland (Cory covered it a while ago :heart:), and even built areas with many items from Glitch. Albeit Manyland is not like Glitch, anyone looking for a warmhearted community in an open universe is dearly invited to join us!

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I made a winterly scene with some of the assets from glitch in unity.if anyone would like to see it.


Boing Boing introduced me to it, in late 2011. I wasted an absurd amount of time during the year I played Glitch. It was the first online game I’ve gotten hooked with since lpmuds in the early 90s. 2012 was the Year of Glitch, for me. Still, I’m half-glad it’s gone–in 2013 I got back to my music, took up the lute, and used my free time to typeset a crapton of 16c music from facsimiles.

My avatar: Mr Shrimpy Pants http://www.glitchthegame.com/profiles/PUVD97B1B9G29L6/

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Now I’ve got the feels :frowning:

Glitch was a nice escape after a P.I.T.A. day at work. A kinder gentler, and less commercial Disneyland-esque place.

Sad that it’s gone.

Here’s my avatar (looks much cooler than I do): http://www.glitchthegame.com/profiles/PUVKGTF6GK932KM/


the anniversary is not lost on me.

sometimes i find a piece of the soundtrack in my head and i cry a little.

i miss it.

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Flask, I’m pretty sure I saw you around in Glich. I still cry a little when I see pics taken in the game or hear the music :frowning: This was me: http://www.glitchthegame.com/profiles/PUVK37PKJC93U4B/

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Snarkle! I was Djabriil :slight_smile:

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It’s not a happy anniversary, but it’s lovely to see so many familiar names. I LOBE YOU ALL, GLITCHEN!

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Djarbiil! You were the person I asked for an invite here when BB wrote a Glitch story! You didn’t have anymore but you got me in touch with Voluptua Sneezelips (sp?) who was able to send me an invite to Glitch! I played almost non-stop until that final sad day when god said “poof.”

But thank you…I will always treasure my time in Glitch…it was a lovely (and preposterous) little world.

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I’m surprised at how much I still miss that game. I had been playing for a couple of months and then wound up in hospital unexpectedly, and the memory of doing meditation in the game helped me get through some painful hours IRL.

What fun that was. Nebula was my avatar. I spent a lot of time underground mining and feeding Glitch folk in Ajaya Bliss.
Thanks for the snapshots. I wish I took some.

That’s right! I’d almost forgotten about that.

The sensibility and style of the game was very nice. The implementation, however, not so much.


I really do hope that someone figures out how to run a game like Glitch without going bankrupt. The creativity at Tiny Spark was a huge part, as was the mixture of exploration, farming/crafting and lack of PVP. Most of all, it was the way Tiny Spark sweated over every detail that made the game so memorable, why I contributed to the Indiegogo campaigns for the art book and the soundtrack.

Now I need to find where I hid the alert sounds that were released as part of that campaign again, since I only kept the iPhone ringtones and forgot to save the MP3 ones. I miss the game.

They released all the code and assets to Glitch, didn’t they? I wouldn’t be too surprised to see some amateur servers pop up here and there…

Soooo…this sounds a lot like an MMO version of Animal Crossing, honestly. That’s not meant as a slam, just an observation.

Speaking as an Animal Crossing addict who also played Glitch, the two were rather different. Glitch had a much larger world, with more varied environments. It also had crafting of objects from ingredients, which Animal Crossing almost entirely lacks.

What made me gradually stop playing Glitch, sad to say, was the laggy Flash implementation.

When I first heard about glitch I though it sounded interesting, but then I went to their website and discovered that it was an MMO written in Flash and I was like “I’m not going to get involved with that, it can only end in heartbreak.”

Later I had to disable Flash for a few months because it was getting too many emergency security bulletins.