Glitch in the Afterlife


You know what no-one seems to have proposed yet, for all this art? A graphic novel. What a fantastic way to immortalize the game’s world and all those bizarre characters.


It’s not a graphic novel, but there was an IndieGoGo campaign for a Glitch artbook not too long ago and it succeded! Check it out here.

I would love to see a graphic novel eventually, detailing the creation of the world and how/why it worked. It would be another awesome way to save the lovely imagery that the game delivered.

I had a look at the assets when their release was first announced, but they are all in SWF and I have no idea how to deal with these in a post-Flash world without using Adobe tools.

Any ideas? Is it feasible to convert them to something more open like SVG? I’d even consider animated PNG as an option despite it not being a vector file format.

Is anyone converting the FLA or SWF files into JPGs or similar? I experimentally downloaded some of the SWFs off GitHub and they open up as static images in Chrome which can be screen-capped - yeah, I’m not exactly technologically sophisticated.

Not sure what to do with the animated SWFs.

Hey, we must’ve been thinking the same thing at the same time - you should probably have a doctor look at that.

The .FLA seem to be a non-starter, but as I mentioned above, pretty much any browser will open a .SWF and many of them appear to be static images.

At the very least, PNG would be the correct option for mass conversion of the files to a bitmap format (definitely not JPEG due to the lossy compression and no support for alpha blending). APNG would be ideal (animated PNG) due to the fact that the SWF files are animations. I have no idea if there’s a tool for that or if SWF format is just too proprietary for this to be possible.

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Take your point about PNG. A quick Google, shows some tools to convert SWF to GIF but it’ll have to wait until I get home.

Not affiliated to the above, never tried it, but it claims to be completely freeware with no adware during installation.

Incredible game and community; totally keep my desktop running long after I would have completely switched to mobile computing. :slight_smile:

For those of you wanting PNGs and perhaps an idea of what to do with them, one of our community members did the heavy lifting for you, at least as far as locations are concerned.

You’ll also find spritesheets and animated gifs in our Encyclopedia for just about everything else. The piggy page has some very fine examples for your perusal:

Have fun!


Assuming the .swf is just a thin wrapper around the image file, it should be pretty easy to scan through the file looking for the PNG or JPEG magic numbers and extracting the files based on their own metadata. A competent programmer could write such a utility in an hour or so easy.

Things get a lot harder if the data is DRMed in there or compressed again (uselessly).

My guess is that someone has already done this simply because it is so easy.

Head here and look for the “All Spritesheets (flat images): ZIP (372MB)” link if you want to download png format spritesheets for all game items (including npcs).

That’s really sad. But the lesson here to me is “Stop making MMO only games!”

It’s great to hear about the release of code and artwork - the thing that really hooked me on Glitch was the MUSIC - those beautifully-looped dreamy soundscapes.

I would happily buy an album of music from Glitch - it always worked better for me than any ‘coffee shop’ background sounds!

In the making :slight_smile:


Oh good lord thank you - has made me smile a very broad smile - looking forward to audio pearls!

And this is where Tiny Speck and its owners–specifically the game’s proprietary owners–get it. They understand that greed kills cool. Unlike NCSoft, which has killed five games, and cybersquats on them, refusing to sell even when there are seven-figure, viable offers for them. They didn’t even have to give away the games the way Glitch was given away (and which shows that the creators and owners of Glitch are beyond cool, they are kind, and humane). All they had to do was to be willing to sell and they would have gotten hundreds of thousands of loyal fans who would have bought their other games just to thank them. I sincerely hope that the universe rewards these folks with prosperity. They have already earned our love.


God. Fucking. Damn.

There is a reason Adobe software is the industry standard, as much as we may hate it. Just pirate the fucking thing and be done with it. We are not in a “post-flash world”, the latest version of the creative suite (CC) includes Flash which, since CS6, has been able to export native apps to pretty much any ecosystem (ios, android, winphone, osx, win and many more) not to mention the ability to export .FLA projects as pure html5 code (no graphic libraries required).

@jandrese I’ve not looked at the resources themselves but typically the .swf is a packaged version of the .fla that hides all the elements from individual manipulation or exporting. You can screencap it but that’s about it. You want to get a copy of flash and the .FLA files if you want to take out individual components.

@Anton_P_Gully If you’re on a mac you can screencap video from the OS by opening Quicktime Player and going to File>New Screen Recording . If you’re on a win machine there are a bunch of 3rd party apps that can screencap video.

@MercedesLackey THIS. Go thank @stewart on twitter, people.

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Glitch is the only game that has ever moved me to tears when it closed. Hell, it’s the only game I ever stuck around until the server closed down around me. Yeah, it was that good. For me, it was largely about the community, but I think the game attracted the sort of community I like – mostly those weird, intelligent, outliers of humanity. My people, in other words. Point of reference: I almost never talk on the public channels of MMO games. I was very active on those channels and actually looked forward to talking with people there. I’ve never seen a more accepting community – no racial epitaphs, no homo- or trans-phobic slang, no sexist insults. Damn I miss that place.

Tiny Speck continues to impress me. It’s an almost unknown experience to see a game company doing the right thing. I do hope to see Glitch again someday and I know that if I do, Tiny Speck will be largely to thank for it, even if they’re not the ones making it. Thank you, TS!

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I loved this mmo so much, I have the Rube Song as my ringtone! I’d love to make some decorative posters with the artwork from this, how would I do that? I have CS6, but not sure on how to get access to the artwork in a format I can play with in , say, illustrator? Anyone have any advise?