Glitch, much-missed MMO, released to public domain


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Normal online games go up to 10, Nigel’s amp goes to 11, and Glitch went all the way to 13.

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This is cool, I only heard about Glitch when they announced the shutdown, and it sounded interesting enough to at least check out. I’m willing to give any MMO a chance as long as it isn’t a Swords and Sorcery (a setting so overdone that I’m completely sick of it) EQ/WoW clone.

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Anybody around who knows something about the difficulty (or ease) of mogrifying a lot of Flash assets into other formats and a client dependent on the Flash runtime into something else?

I get the impression that Flash never will be on iOS, is rapidly being deprecated on Android (10.x is available if you look around; but Adobe doesn’t give a damn and it was never that good to begin with), and it’s increasingly seen more or less as a pure *tube client and virus vector on PCs, especially the ones running OSX.

With access to the client source and the assets, does it make more sense to try to salvage the client source(say, by building a client binary based on Gnash extended entirely according to the demands of the engine), or to salvage the assets; by converting them to something else, and leaving the actionscript to sink into actionscript hell?

(I assume that the classy way to do it would involve Scaleform; but that is $$$$ and commercial restrictions)

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One of the problems with Glitch is that it was very intimately saddled to Flash as a platform for the purposes of gameplay. There was a rich UI for tying in external sites and managing inventory/stats, but trying to get a Javascript/HTML5 version of the actual game would have been a Herculean task, especially back when the game was a going concern.

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One of the players just released a free iOS7 game called Glitch Run:

And his website is still active, so you can input your avatar and see it come to life again:


Some of this art was already CC licensed so I’ve been working on a single-player browser game Glitch spin-off for a few months now. If you miss Glitch you can also play on my Cubimal Racetrack or just pet a piggy in the right hand column of my blog:


I love you.

Glitch’s closure was the best-handled ending to anything online I had ever seen. I’m sure you could count the number of users who left angry, as opposed to sad, on a single hand.

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nearly a year gone, and i miss it every day.

sometimes i find myself humming a tune only to realize it is the groddle banjo theme.

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