Glitch makes programming on the web fun again


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The way this post started out I had to check and see if it was an advert from the Boing Boing store. Nope! Just a really interesting post about something that sounds like fun. I’ll have to check this out. Thanks, @beschizza!


Would you say you’re appointed?


Possibly, though not self-appointed. I actually enjoy many of the Boing Boing store posts, but I’m usually too broke to take advantage of all of those special savings being offered. :grinning:



Ooooo. I believe I’m going to toss this on the pile of stuff I want to look into at some point hopefully in the near future. It’s a large pile.


Anil Dash explains “What is Glitch?” in more detail

I did not find this to be true.


So, you were anappointed?


Oh boy, I’m getting that familiar feeling - the same one I got when I first mocked up a crude HTML page in the mid-90s, or first played with JavaScript, or watched that debut zoo video on Youtube, or ran the opposite direction from Bebo/MySpace/Facebook, or toyed with basic mobile app development, or read quizzically about cryptocurrencies…
… and that feeling is 50% “this is really cool”, 50% “this is going to be huge”, and 100% "in two years time some people are going to have made ridiculous amounts of money from this. And even though I’m here on the ground floor, due to my own damn laziness, I won’t be one of them."

:slight_smile: Sardonic, but not bitter



Heh, sorry about that. Let me know if there’s more you wanted to know, or if there’s anything I can clarify from my apparently-not-very-clear explanation! :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s more like the Glitch Manifesto than an actual explanation. I guess the idea is just to dive in?


What is the language? “Ready for artists”…is it something like Processing?


I found Processing to be not only egregiously stupidly named, but poorly documented, back when I tried it ten years or so ago. Very disappointing! I was trying to encourage my daughter to code for robotics at the time, but Java turned out to be highly effective for destroying the interest that BASIC had kindled.


I’m sorry Rob, but programming on the web won’t be fun again until they un-deprecate the <marquee> tag.


Stupidly named for sure, but I haven’t had any problems with the documentation. I’m a more recent user…presumably it’s improved.


I have no idea what this post is talking about.


Hehe, I think this captures it:

I think I got the Who, Why, Where and How, just not the What. So, is it like SiteBuilder, or more like Flash?


<MARQUEE>This Site is <BLINK>Under Construction</BLINK>!!!</MARQUEE>


I’m still waiting for Haddaway to explain “What is love?”