Play this game by breaking Battletoads




I fondly recall playing glitched-out Link’s Awakening. Trick was to fall off the first boss’s platform and then immediately jump off the top of the screen while transitioning to the side-scrolling pit view. You could then swim through walls and all sorts of crap. I think they fixed it in a later cartridge run, but man was that fun.


Man. Battletoads was a punishing game. So great, though. One of the earliest games to encourage griefing.


Fun fact: the original GTA came from a glitch where the cops randomly would start shooting the main character. Then they figured out that that version was more fun.


The main character in what game?


The game they were making that eventually became GTA. From Wikipedia, it was called “Race’n’Chase” and nearly cancelled.


Hmmm…windows only?


Ahhh. Back in my QA days we called this ‘work’.


This reminded me a lot of my time in QA as well, in that it’s frustrating, repetitive and almost entirely pointless but thankfully relatively short-lived.


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