Glitch video of Paris street

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That’s pretty trippy! I’ve had a night in Paris just like that.

How about a walk in the trees?

Visual artist and designer Jonny Knox and team are doing some amazing work with LIDAR point cloud data for the Glasgow Science Centre Planetarium. The work is designed for a 360 spherical dome. If I cross the pond anytime soon I’m going to be sure to add this to the things-to-see-list.

See below for a peak into his methodology and creative process.


Betty White Rocks!



How did they get the camera drunk?

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Holy “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” Batman, I haven’t seen the world like that in 40 years!

That reminds me of an anti-anxiety medication they had me on when I was in the hospital for heart failure a few years back. I had little sparkly friends hanging out in my room with me.

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