🌐 Moving Time! What did I Forget? 🌐



You have two possible responses to this game.

  1. Name something you think I am going to forget to bring on my move to California, or something you forgot to bring on a move or trip.
  2. Second possible answer should be a reply to the thing, and either a Check!, or Do’h!.

Everyone ready?



SNES Super Mario Kart

(Also don’t forget the console and controllers.)



1 - Some legal form of some kind.
2 - D’oh!


the super-comfy huge blanket, still sitting on the curb where I forgot it 10 years ago (I hope and imagine’)


Clothing bag with all of your shirts in it.



Pants. Pants!!




Barely check.


USB charging cable.

USB wall adapter.
I am such an idiot.


Did you remember to not take any items that are legal in Oregon but illegal in California?


shuffles feet

Do I have to?



No reason to take birth cert
Two turn tables and a microphone, check
Dapper Dan, check
Jacque Pepin complete technique, check
White socks, Do’h!
Plaid socks, check


1 - To reserve a vehicle to move.
2 - Check?



You’ve just guaranteed yourself a need for your birth certificate in the very near future. (Don’t forget changing your drivers license!)



AAA insurance? Check
Suit? Check
New tires? Check
Checks? Do’h!


If you’re moving from Oregon to CA, make sure you turn in all your cans & bottles to get the refund. The CA redemption value is a pittance. So make sure you take care of that.

Also, if you are moving to the Bay Area, I expect the former @albill, now @enso will take you out for a beer and a tour of the countryside, upon arrival.


the booze?


We have countryside?

looks out at urban hellscape


I’m sure there’s a tree somewhere. Show him that.


Mmmm… I scored me a place in Santa Clara… Talk about some fine countryside there. Also, four blocks away from the up coming Superbowl.

Ooh, emergency car road kit! Do’h (I’ll be picking one up)