Japhroaig's ROAD TRIP thread!


Fuckit, I’m going to California via the Pacific coast. This will take forever, and I will take pictures!!

Time to blast off, about fifteen minutes.


Very cool.

I’ll be here.

Btw, I’m going to go visit Slybevel sometime this summer. There will be photos of cool stuff too, as long as he approves. I haven’t been to Salt Lake city since I was 13,so I expect to see cool stuff there.

I bet you’ll see some really cool stuff on your trip to CA too. In fact I’m positive.


Oregon, I love you, but why are your gas stations closed!?


Because your state has laws that say that someone else has to pump your gas and being open with 2 people is significantly more expensive than unmanned gas stations like in most of the US.



Get on the CA-1 ASAP. I think you head west from Legget area, but when you first come out onto the ocean vista from the coast range HOLY LORD.


CA Route 128 from the CA 1 (Mendo to Sonoma) to the US101 is THE BEST ROAD ANYWHERE. Stop in Philo. Go to the Anderson Vallery Brewery. You know you want this. Go to mecca.

Many of the coastal rivers will be getting their first rains. Stop on some bridges and look down for running salmon. Not even kidding.





At 5:30am local time on a Saturday? Do you really need to be told the reason?! :wink:


Road trip!



Every Roadtrip needs a Playlist.

Roadtrip playlist


Are you in car or van? Are you motelling it or camping? Cuz there are some great camp site around the coast. National Forests are the best. No amenities but usually secluded and quiet and cheap. :wink:

There’s a national (or state) park on the coast just north of Malibu that is right on the beach. It’s very nice and this time of year half empty. I spent xmas morning there 5 years ago. Very nice!



Good luck! Be safe! Have fun! Send pictures (as you already promised)!


In eureka CA, more than half way. It is fucking monsooning, and the coast was awesome/brutal.


Beautiful route. Stay safe.


Oh man I forgot about the dinosaurs and I think I totally missed Paul Bunyan and Babe… I should totes take that road again. At least down to the Bay Area maybe Monterey for the Aquarium. Hopefully with the family, if not then me and the 400cc twist and go beast.


Be safe, wear a life jacket!


Have you ever seen the equivalent statue in Bemidji, MN?


You brought your towel, don’t panic.