Roadtrip playlist


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Every big trip IS better with the right music.

Really, nail it with a limited selection of your very best transcontinental gettin it done not lookin back driving into the sunset sort of stuff.


While there are many good driving songs, few deserve to start.


Speaking of the boss, let the man go through.




Anything but the Proclaimers!!! I would walk 500 miles to not have to hear that song once on a 500 mile drive! Good thing my dog likes the blues.


There goes ole Daneel, strong of the left foot.

Missed one, bruh.


How about adding a little Stan Ridgway to this playlist?


Whatever the playlist, have a safe, speedy-as-possible roadtrip, @japhroaig!


The Who…?


There is – don’t laugh! – an instrumental song on the Windham Hill label that was on a cassette tape playlist someone made for me many years ago. Timing was such that it played at a place in the road where there were a couple of significant hills which I was driving at dawn, and I swear the swells in the music matched the damn road so perfectly that I can still feel the experience in my bones. Perfect daybreak music in a rolling hills part of the country:

I guess my point is, any music can be perfect for a driving playlist. It all depends on context and timing. :slightly_smiling:


(Accidentally posted this in the OTHER road trip thread)

Considering the two types of radio stations you’re likely to encounter in the stretches between major cities, I’d go with country over Christian (MUCH better music):


Oh, and just for me, pretty please, you MUST play this at least once:


(Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. This is not a recommendation. All following text is hypothetical.)

My friend Bob says this is best played at 130+ mph.




Oh hey a topical one… lets go really old skool with Al Jolson!


I like stuff that I can sing along to… (Helps keep me awake)



And don’t forget the Ronald Reagan version…