What happens when you forget you have a gun in your carry-on

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How are you going to be the “good person with a gun” if you forgot that you have one?


What happens when you forget you have a gun in your carry -on?

70% of the time nothing, according to DHS.

Maybe they’ve improved since 2017.


I’m sure the 70% who can get it past TSA are smarter and more responsible though, so it’s kind of a wash.


It would be interesting to see demographic information on who gets caught in these DHS tests and who gets through.

Not that I’m implying any bias at the TSA, mind you. Heaven forbid.


“Hey look, buddy; it might be racism, but, at least it is systemic! Not just some kind of random racism.”


if you own any firearm/s, there’s really no practical excuse for not knowing exactly where it is/they are at all times


She had her whole life ahead of her. /s


I check my bags for anything possibly illegal/not allowed in carry on before flying, like stick my fingers way down in the corners of the pockets check. And I never do anything illegal and don’t even use my travel bag when not travelling. But you know…better safe than miss your flight or go to jail. How the hell do you “forget” you had a gun in your bag?


At the very least it invites the question of whether this woman had successfully done so before.


The one thing that comes to mind is, if the TSA is missing weapons that regularly with all of the tech and scrutiny they apply to the baggage nowadays… how many guns did the TSA/airport security miss before then?


Shhh… just enjoy the comforting security theater and ignore the pandemonium behind the curtain.



Well, thank god they dropped the felony charge, gave her a misdemeanor instead. I sure would hate to see a pretty white woman’s life destroyed for something as trivial as carrying a loaded handgun through an airport. Bonus: She can still vote! In Florida!

/more sarcasm


According to DHS, the TSA had a failure rate of 95% in 2015, so extrapolation suggests that in 2010 they’d have had a 30% shot at catching on if you brandished a 50 cal BMG on your way through the metal detector.

My question is why do so many people, a steadily increasing number apparently, feel the need to bring firearms with them on their flights? What are these people doing and have they never heard of pressurized cabins?


Feels a bit pro-TSA for Boingboing, NGL.

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I know right, she might have even lost the right to carry! I feel much safer knowing that this good person with a gun is still out there…


But, but, ARRESTED?
Look at her Donald
She’s so White
Like one of those Rockstar wives.
Baby getting time.

My Anaconda don’t want none unless she’s got guns hun!

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I used to travel for work…flew out from Waco, TX.
Little 2 gate airport with TSA theater and more than a dash of systemic racism built right in. I remember one morning when I was going through the security line of about 50 people. Of the 50, there are about 4 POC. I’m Chinese and there is an Indian family about 5 people behind me consisting of a husband, wife and child under 5 by my guess.
TSA is random checking about 1 in 10 people…I get my reach around, and as I’m putting my belt on I look back at the line to see how random it truly is. Of course, the whole Indian family gets thoroughly, randomly checked.


If I have to choose between Team TSA and Team Bringing Firearms on Airplanes then I’m going with the least bad option.


I’m guessing just about all of them