Go down the road-trip rabbit hole with 'Make My Drive Fun'

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If you need a king-sized dose of this, then run a Lemons Rally. Each one offers dozens of obscure roadside treats.

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It’s like atlasobscura.com without any detail information.


This is super fun; I’ll use it a lot, thanks!

I put Atlanta to New York and I got this…

Ryan Reynolds Wtf GIF



…is a complete sentence

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To be fair, the one thing that sets this apart is really its primary draw and that is putting in a start and end point of a trip and getting suggestions for stops along the way. Atlas Obscura, to the best of what I can see on their site with a cursory check, doesn’t have this? It just seems like a big travel blog of sorts.

As someone who has been the designated road trip planner in the past and has a HORRIBLE sense of what exists out there to see, this is an amazing option even as basic as it is.

Couple things that would be really nice for this to start bringing it up to feature parity with some other mapping/road tripping services:

  1. Customize the route, ala the drag-and-drop feature in Google Maps. Also adding additional designated stops in the middle.
  2. Allow the user to configure how far off to allow deviation of the main route for these stops (see more stuff by allowing to go further off route if desired).
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Seems legit.
And with only a negligible detour you could drop by for coffee & cake!


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