Crowdsourcing Roadtrip Suggestions: Seattle -> South Dakota

So, we’re going to do a roadtrip east from Seattle this summer - going out as far as Badlands in S Dakota, the idea being to see all the obvious destinations like Glacier, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore…

But does anyone have any less obvious suggestions as to places it’s worth seeing on the way?

@OtherMichael - I am already aware of the Corn Palace.


Wall Drug. Pure tourist trap kitsch but a lot of fun and the food was actually good though the 5 cent coffee was pretty much that, weak farmer bros type stuff but hey 5 cents.

If you are crashing on Bozeman the The Western Cafe is fun for breakfast.
Time lunch to pass through Coeur d’Alene for Hudson’s for very tasty burgers, or if more timed for Spokane there is Frank’s Diner which is a proper rail car diner.

There is the Dinosaur Park in Rapid City which is on the way to Mt. Rushmore.


EBR-I, in central Idaho. Absolutely worth a stop if you’re in the neighborhood (only open between Memorial Day and Labor Day).


+1 to that, I really enjoyed it. Near Craters of the Moon National Monument too, also a must-see.

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Dinosaur Park is one of those old things with concrete dinosaurs - nice if you like that sort of thing (I always did, they’re roadside classics). Corn Palace is another 5 hours west, but you should certainly see the progress on the Crazy Horse monument. Wall Drug is certainly… something. I used to like their onion rings, but it’s been 25 years.

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I suspect you’re already familiar with this resource:

But I mention it in case anyone knows of an app or plugin that would overlay atlas obscura landmarks on a google maps direction route.

There’s a web and phone/tablet app called Roadtrippers that is similar to what you’re looking for; they have many of the same things Atlas Obscura has (probably not nearly everything they have, but certainly all the main stuff). Try this link, enable “offbeat attractions” and points of interest if they aren’t already enabled (I don’t know, choose your own categories to browse).

You can set up a trip with just the things you want on the website, and sync that to the app on your phone, where it will overlay the landmarks on a Google route map.

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