The Glory that was South Dakota, the Grandeur that is South Dakota


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I have fond memories of the onion rings at Wall Drug.

Also: Crazy Horse monument-in-progress and Mount Rushmore, the EROS Data Center (official site, and the Pathfinder Nuclear Reactor (decomissioned).


I think my next motorbike trip if I can afford it, it will be a proper visit to Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse and whatever else is in the area. The reactor seems like a fun thing as well.
edit to add The reactor is wrong side of the long end of the state for that. Though for Sioux Falls Bob’s was one of the best road trip meals I have had ever.


Mitchell is where I used to stop to check my email, in 1994. They had a cybercafe. That town…


Do it. I would not ride a bike east of Chicago or west of the Rockies, but yes. That sounds perfect.


Bob’s Broasted Chicken!

I remember the TV commercials, but never ate there, IIRC.




I already am west of the Rockies and for a day/overnight trip a few years ago I went as far west as you can get in the contiguous 48 on a whim.


well then: geographic center of United States (incl. Alaska and Hawaii) is west of Castle Rock, S.D., 44°58’ lat., 103°46’ W lon


I was on tour with a rap group and after seeing all the Wall Drug billboards we took the bait. Supreme Words bought a shirt with this on it:

but being on a tour schedule sucked because we couldn’t do side trips to Rushmore or the Badlands. I doubt I’ll ever visit that region again, so i really wish I’d seen it.


Badlands worth seeing. Crazy Horse definitely worth the time. Rushmore… meh. i was more interested in the actual geography. Plus Crazy Horse dwarfs it.


Or, if you’ve got the time and the capacity for it, take a vehicle into the Black Hills via fire roads. Absolutely breathtaking scenery, and you’re not likely to see anyone else , so do what you please. And I’ll second the Badlands as being worth a trip–that’s another place offering breathtaking scenes. All in all, I found South Dakota to be quite beautiful for the first two hours of driving…after that, it’s just another hill and another stupid Wall Drug sign.


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