Go Go Gadget Netflix! Classic toons arrive on video service


There is no Inspector Gadget without Don Adams.


I knew I was holding onto my childlike immaturity for a reason.

I find that childlike immaturity is its own reward.


I caught a glimpse of the new CG animated version in a restaurant a while ago – it started up in 2012, apparently? Wikipedia seems to be kind of fuzzy on the Canadian air dates.

It struck me as kind of wrong, but I suspect I’d say the same about a lot of CG television productions; I’ve not been keeping track of them.

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I kind of hated Inspector Gadget as a kid, because he resolutely refused to behave like the badass cyborg warrior he was obviously supposed to be.

This version, on the other hand, is my current desktop wallpaper.

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I never much liked Inspector Gadget, but Danger Mouse? Woot!


I’m anticipating some new Magic Schoolbus. That was totally my show! I loved it. Even if the jokes were horribly contrived and every character had a catchphrase.

I would love to see more Dangermouse, but, as I recall, in the final episodes Brian Trueman had left and Cosgrove was no longer producing, and they just didn’t have the same spark as the earlier episodes. I hope whoever’s doing the reboot can capture the magic of episodes like DM’s and Penfold’s search for the Custard Mite of Glut.

Since I watched it on Nickelodeon I also remember Stiletto having a Cockney accent, so it was funny learning he’d originally been Italian. I wonder which one they’ll go for.

Is this it? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lL9guIMtbo

Yep, that looks about right.

I think it’s something about the lack of texture that puts it in some kind of uncanny-valley in my mind. I guess it’s cheaper to do that way, even with whatever technological advances have emerged in recent years.

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