Go watch Netflix' 'American Vandal'

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"It’s going to take way more than ball hairs"

Sheer poetry.

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This has moved to the tip of my queue


Just finished it all, and it was one of my favourite series this year. Really funny. Very cleverly pastiches Serial et al.

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Earnest voices talking of spray cans and parties and criminal timelines of opportunity; like the “Loose Change” documentary, but on a much nicer subject.

OK, stop: I saw this trailer a while ago and thought it was a clever prank. I was just about to praise whoever did this for the production value.

Then I have just checked on Netflix and it is actually a thing?

I am afraid of clicking Play and get an April Fool’s message.

I will watch this.

But, sooooooo… singular nouns ending with ‘X’ get a lone apostrophe for the possessive now?



Indeed. It should be Netflix’s. Or, even better, re-word the title to not make the company name possessive.

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When I saw the trailer early on I thought it was a spoof, too. However, it is legit. My wife’s been watching it (she’s really into these crime docs and podcasts lately).

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