"God gave you a penis for a reason" – publisher cancels gay author's novel


And God apparently had other plans for the Lyle’s brain.


I could somewhat understand the rational if the publisher dind’t know. I wouldn’t agree with it in the slightest but that they knew this guy was gay just makes it worse. All over a stupid little sentance even.

Christ what Assholes.

Agree or not with the ‘rightness’ of being gay all you like, that is your right, but if you sign a person on to do work and he did the work and you agree it’s GOOD then I see no problem. What someone does on their personal time is their own business. I mean it’d be different if the entire book was a two hundredish page description of butt fucking but no, just a book and the only objection is one little line in the biography.



Well yeah, fuck that publisher.

Hope the authors get a new and better publishing deal soon!


I’m not sure I understand what the “beekeeping” thing has do do with anything? Is there some context I’m missing?

In any case this is already going to go over spectacularly badly on its own.


Streisand Effect, GO!


Congratulations to Cedar Fort Publishing for buying themselves a whole lot of bad press, and, if Lyle Mortimer is the kind of person they want working for them, then it’s well-deserved bad press.

Chances are very good I never would have head of Woven before this. Now I’m going to make sure to look out for it and buy a copy as soon as it becomes available…which I hope will be very soon.


Possibly his beekeeper gets stung on the lips a lot. That has nothing to do with his experience with the publisher as far as I can tell, though.
[Edit: I misread and thought it was the author who made that comment, and I thought, oh, he’s got a quirky sense of humor. The fact that it was the sanctimonious publisher/owner makes it really bizarre.]

Clearly, God gave the publisher’s agent a penis for a reason: so he could be a putz.

The idea is he said his son had juicy lips like Angelina Jolie, and hates gay people, all evidence pointing squarely at this guy being kind of fucked-up in the head, sexually speaking.


They could probably self-publish it with a Kickstarter campaign now.


The more they tighten their grip, the more bestsellers will slip through their fingers.


Mortimer is the owner, for what it’s worth.

The publisher has no ability to publish the work without the authors’ names. Part of copyright law includes the “moral” right of attribution, which is generally not licensed or otherwise given up unless the publication involves a ghost writer.

Further, most contracts stipulate a period of time under which the works must be published, else the license to do so reverts back to the original authors. This ensure that authors are not without recourse if a publishers doesn’t want to reprint the out-of-print works. I would be surprised if this action on the part of the publisher did not enable the authors to fairly quickly claw back their works and go elsewhere, hopefully to be followed by most authors with deals in the works with this publisher.


Apparently the owner hasn’t gotten the memo that the Mormon Church is trying to chill out a bit on the whole gay thing. Though I guess he’d argue the author brought it on himself, by not being celibate. Ugh.

Who’s good publishers of YA fiction these days? The Tor folks are queer-friendly.

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I’m certain that the reason for having a penis is not to model oneself after it.


“God gave you a penis for a reason”… Yeah, so you have something to hang your tie on while you’re getting dressed up for a formal occasion… but I’m not sure what that has to do with writing.


Sweetwater Books’ Facebook page is asking readers for their opinions: “Does a book’s publisher have any bearing on whether you buy a particular book or not? Why or why not?”

(I encourage the BB readership to respond)

This actually sounds like it worked out for the best.

The publisher has revealed how terrible it is, and the authors got the rights to their book back.

I’m sure they won’t have too much trouble finding another one.


I know what the asshole publisher actually meant, but I find it amusing that the statement “God gave you a penis for a reason” works perfectly well for both straight men and gay men.