God is Disappointed in You


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Personally, my favorite version of the Bible is the Weinersmith abridgement


It’s sad that http://bettermyths.com/ has come to an end. He got his stuff published by Penguin (twice!); that’s got to count for something.


“God is Disappointed in You”

You know, God, that when you point at us, three of your infinitely divine and righteous fingers point right back at your sorry cosmic ass.


I can haz bible?




“god” can take a number.


That’s nice. I’m disappointed in the majority of my fellow ‘christians.’ I use that word with quotes because this prosperity gospel wishing well god bullshit needs to quit.


I got behind this truck yesterday. Cracked me right up.


I’d been meaning to look up Ecclesiastes.

“St00pid! St00pid!” Sez teh teechurcat. “Srsly st00pid. Everythingz st00pid.” Wut man getz 4 laburz he toilz @ undur teh sunz? Generashun comez n generashun goez, still same lolcats.



I didn’t know that Sarek was a devout Christian.


That has to be from the Chick Tract site.


Thanks. Another book I need to read. I only need to live 163 more years to read my complete list.


It’s a pity that this tiny paperback fulla cheap laughs (Sean Kelly!) is so far out of print. It is the prosperity gospel made flesh. Find one in a Goodwill and hand it over to the insufferable teenage atheist in your life.



I think that “disappointed” is rather understating matters!

I am quite at peace with not believing in Jehovah (not “God”, FFS, that’s so generic), but I am rather stressed out that Jehovah doesn’t believe in me either.


A really good version


Oh, shit! Now I want a parody of jack chick tracks, but all set in the Star Trek universe!



It’s too bad most Christians skim over the coolest parts, like the Unicorns and the Dragon Battles. (You heard that right. The Bible contains more than one epic battle sequence involving dragons.) If they had any marketing sense at all they’d go Peter Jackson on that shit.

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