God-Man v Human-Man

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Yeah. That’s basically how I felt about Batman v Superman. “Why even bother with the premise? It’s like trying to make a movie around God v. Kitten.”

But I’m not that much of a comics guy, so what do I know?


It’s the plot (and ending) of “Time Bandits”!

(edit: or maybe I should say not the plot exactly but the main metaphysical theme of the film)


That “metaphysical theme” of “technology is evil and the devil controls it” made an otherwise great movie annoying. It’s like a better-executed version of the “Dark Dungeons” D&D tract.

I thought the way to destroy God-Man was to simply stop believing in him.


Doesn’t work. There’s always someone like me to mess things up.


That’s not it. Watch the movie again. It’s closer to the comic than what you wrote.

And the movie’s message is not “technology is evil” but “materialism is evil.”

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Don’t stop believing, bro.


With a VERY heavy emphasis on technology. Microchips and lasers, rather than gold or land.

I see. Well, I interpreted that differently: Evil wants to use his knowledge of technology to assert a (false) sense of superiority of the Supreme Being, who in the end dismisses him like a plaything. I felt that the message was an attack on atheism (and materialism) rather than on technology itself.

There are two threads that run through human history; the idea of progress and the idea that civilisation is a descent (a Fall if you like) from an earlier state in which everything was perfect. At risk of repeating what everybody knows, these ideas keep coming up in different societies and religions, whether it’s the Roman idea of the descent from the Golden Age to the Iron Age, or Pacific islander (and Middle Eastern) myths of the time when Earth was a garden. ISIL is just another reincarnation of the anti-progress side (as is Creationism; Protestantism too has both threads running through it.)
Recapitulating the Golden Bough would indeed be tedious, but it is the Big Theme. The problems start when human beings decide that one option or the other is 100% correct.


Human-man should have had a word with Kali. Fighting god-man directly is a mug’s game. The idea is to get aspects to interact with one another.

That’s Shiva she’s stomping on. Defeating ruination.

Bat vs Sup spoilers

Also, Batman had kryptonite. If the spear killed/stopped Doomsday, it would have done the same or worse to Supes, who is not nearly as powerful as the bony one. :wink:




But her parent always told her what a good singer she was! And all those cool participation trophies she got at show choir camp…

'Triangle man hates person man. They have a fight. Triangle wins"


I remember that as a cautionary parable about kitchen appliances.

Also, am I the only one who saw the title of this thread and thought it might have been started by the magical pyramid person?

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