Here's the 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' official Teaser Trailer




I don’t think it looks as terrible as some are saying, but it definitely looks very melodramatic. All it needs is a grungy rock track and it’s something straight out of a bad ‘edgy’ movie from the 2000’s.


Well, this looks about as unironically joyless as the rest of Snyder’s oeuvre. Thankfully, Ben Affleck is there to lighten the mood with his ridiculous Batman-by-way-of-Jigsaw impression.


i haven’t read Supes or Batman in decades… why does this even exist? can’t they all just get along? is it a case of superhero appendage-swinging, or is one suddenly evil, or what? i just don’t see the point.


Because Justice League of America because Avengers because cash cow.


Because DC can’t seem to stop recycling past stories to make quick nostalgia bucks. There have been scattered attempts to bring back the Supes and Bats are BFFS FOREVER approach to the two characters, and a number of points where they work together with grudging respect and something like friendship. But DC like to keep repeating the watch em fight aspect because rehashing Dark Knight Returns is an easy way to milk money out of die hard fans. Beyond that they seem to be doubling (or even trippling!) down on the “dark and gritty” thing these days. Its the late 80’s and 90’s all over again! I’m just wondering where all the pouches and over sized guns are.


Grim & gritty up to eleven.

Not the Superman I would like to see in a movie.


In this version the public hates Superman and Batman? I recall this comic where Batman went all Tony Stark in a bionic suit with a kryptonite surprise. Wasn’t Batman old and bitter?


I haven’t kept up with the planned storyline, but it would be awesome if it were about all the damage Superman did in the previous movie that everyone complained about.


I think that’s a big part of it. From what I understand, some parts of the public revere Supes for saving the day while others think he’s a big douche for basically destroying Metropolis in the process, which is very understandable. None of that explains to me why Batman wants to make him bleed (really? “can you bleed?” yeesh).


I think part of the problem is that in the old days, Superman would give himself up to justice and voluntarily sit in a jail cell until some other big bad appeared to force him to take action. Having a big confrontation about it seems as out of character as… well, as destroying a large part of a city in a fight he could have drawn away would be.

Of course, there’s been so many different retellings now that it’s starting to get very difficult to expect any particular reaction from many of these characters.


It looks teal and orange.

Also, Charlie Rose sure gets around.


Oh, ginning up some silly misunderstanding to make superheroes fight each other is a standard gimmick from both of the big two superhero publishers. Marvel has been hitting it especially hard in recent years (Civil War, World War Hulk, Avengers vs. X-Men…) but Superman’s power vs. Batman’s contingency plans has always been a fan favorite on the DC side. Questions like “if he’s got gadgets squirreled away that are good enough to take on Superman, why did he let a puffed-up punk like Bane give him trouble?” are best left unasked.

Don’t worry, by the end they’ll realize that they were on the same side all along and team up to take down the real bad guys.


And poorly drawn tiny feet.


The title includes both ‘Batman’ and ‘Superman’… and yet some muppet in Marketing felt that this movie needed a subtitle…


At least it isn’t the full Rob Liefield Thighs.


Superman does have a very specific weakness that can be gadgetised.

If I was Wayne, I’d hire Deadshot to follow me round and pick off any mid-level threats like Bane for me.


These are comic book heroes, you know. They were designed to be melodramatic.


Rob Liefield Thighs with small pouches are the most 90’s ever.

And clenched teeth, clenched tiny teeths.


Neck tendons that have tendons. And in a close-up, tiny pouches filled with more stretched tendons.