Godspeed You! Black Emperor condemns music contest they won, vows to use money to buy instruments for prisoners




Always nice when GY!BE drops a bomb on end-stage Capitalism, but I just saw them in Los Angeles and it was Ticketmaster all the way: convenience fees, service charges, tiered tickets with different wristbands for main floor and balcony, etc. There’s no arguing with their music—and Constellation is a world-class indie label—but when it comes to the live shows, they have a bit of a credibility problem.


There are alternatives to Ticketmaster remaining? I thought they had carpetbombed all competitors into the dirt using their headlock on venues etc.


“if you’re reading this, Ephrim, seriously: good one”

I saw his side project, A Silver Mt. Zion in Seattle last year. He mocked Boing Boing as an example of internet culture onstage. I somehow doubt he is reading this.


This reminds me of GWAR being nominated for a Grammy.


At the height of their popularity, Pearl Jam took on Ticketmaster and lost. So I can’t fault GY!BE for not having solved this yet.

I’m sure there is a way. Louis CK has had some success in working around Ticketmaster - but one-man comedy has quite a bit more opportunities for venues. And even so, it took a shit-ton of effort on his part.


So. Awesome.


Not so down with the Dave Grohl directed homophobia but appreciate the sentiments otherwise.


God Bless their skinny fists like antennae. Gotta love 'em, GYBE as a collective are probably the last best example of the lunatic far left anywhere at any price. Yes they make great music, but goddamn they’re so sincere. I remember that diagram that came with Yanqui UXO that tied Sony up with missile builders and Vivendi with the manufacturers of poison gas. All kinds of specious, but They Meant It Man.

Invoke global warming, but then announce an instruments for prisoners program. Awesome. I’m glad they exist, y’know, for my own amusement, even beyond their seriously fantastic albums


Err - it doesn’t really read like homophobia to me. It’s not really a commentary on gayness - As the basic test, I’m sure it could have just as easily been used to describe a woman without any substantial change to meaning, which is usually a good sign that it’s not actually a homophobic statement.


Damn you corporate scum. Now please everyone buy $120 tickets to see us on tour with Nine Inch Nails.

Snobish artists have been giving the finger to awards for decades. I don’t see anything bold or remarkable about it.


It’s just the way it suggests that sucking dick is a BAD thing to do. I understand what whathisname in GWAR was implying.


Unlike many of their cohort in that crumpled, mildewey box someone has scrawled “post-rock” on, GY!BE are not content to merely provide their listeners with low-carbon electronic offerings over the net. No, they’ve got to stage a nation-wide tour using massive sets trucked from venue to venue by diesel-guzzling semis. But it’s okay. They offset that by bitching about a little awards ceremony being supported by Toyota.


The Billy Joel reference doesn’t help your case, either.


I’m pleased to see Mr. Menuck and co. are still kickin’ it, political style. I saw them live in Toronto a couple years back. It was a pretty small venue and the only extra gear they had were four film projectors (trust me, most necessary). Plus the ticket price was $25 dollars or something like that, for a reunion show of a band of calibre GY!BE that’s not fucking bad.


Wouldn´t he have to read it in order to be able to mock it?


It’s great that they made this statement, but DAMN that is a really horrible band name.


The namespace conflicts are getting severe. We’re going to have to start using UUIDs for band names soon.


Need some GUIDs? No problem:


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