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Janelle Monáe. Best!
Start the March of the Wolfmasters!
Tuxedo style now.

What the fuck? Sounds like
a VHS tape in a
blender. Tobacco!

Outkast Space Funk Rap
From Atlanta to the World
Bombs Over Baghdad

Like layers of sound?
Give me a fine example?
Try Massive Attack.

On the radio,
TV, Treasure island gig
Yerba Buena next!

Alt-Js pretentious?
Pot call the kettle black much?
Shame on you pitchfork.

New Pornographers.
Not nearly as sticky as
the previous ones.

(Not an entry, just for lulz)

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Though Polaroid warns
“shaking may damage image”
You know what to do.

Outer space swing time
70s bluesy action
J. Monáe loves funk

D.A.R.E. to get f&*#$ed up?
Tobacco free is the way
I don’t want to be.

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Punk beach goth Growlers
Their music makes me sad but
Want to see so bad


Sunny glaze daze haze
Water five a bot ka-BAM
My band just went on

Sing to me Faker
Rustic beard from down under
Intoxicate me

TV we need your
desperate cookie science
to loop forever

The music, the hair
Beautiful and sultry sound
but really, the hair

  • janelle monae
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The Growlers

apply distortion;
fill your dad’s tape deck with sand
flip side a, press play

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Aquarius Plus
a Gemini portmanteau
Is Aquemeni

People call him Zedd
The coolest thing since sliced bread
“Stay the night” he said.

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alt-J, All the way!
‘This Is All Yours’ is insane.
Boing! Boing! Fitzpleasure.