Allen Lanier of Blue Öyster Cult, RIP


Oh, too bad. One of my favorite bands at one time. Pity they stopped doing new studio work back in what, 2001, was it? Lots of fun F&SF-themed stuff mixed in with the more conventional material, too, including some collaboration with Moorcock.


I can remember when Blue Öyster Cult entered my field of vision. My friend had a magazine ---- STARLOG? that had an ad to send for a free record, a 45 single — a wacky song about…Godzilla!
So he sent for it, and voila, free Godzilla record! Apparently this was 1977, I was 11.

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Less cowbell. Alas.

Saw them in about '79 and they were the tightest most professional live act I ever saw. I forget what the last song was, but the the drummer and keyboard player grabbed guitars and all five of them tore into some perfectly executed five way thrashing.

I was listening to Agents of Fortune while driving a couple weeks ago. Some albums have stood the test of time, but AOF is one of those gems where not one song makes you cringe nearly 40 years later.

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This is sad - BOC was a tight, imaginative band. But just to correct the original post - Sandy Pearlman produced The Clash’s “Give 'Em Enough Rope.” Pearlman also produced several BOC records, as well.

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While the old B.O.C. was front-loading it’s image with cartoonish satanism and parodic macho posturing, Lanier snuck in solid, spooky stuff like “Redeemed” and “Tenderloin” - And was a reliable background player, never upsetting the band’s balance. (Hell, he’s in the video for all of five seconds.) And he helped Patti Smith get her foot in the recording door. R.I.P. A shame he’s gone…



Sometimes its good to know when to quit, the magic never lasts forever. Even they didnt make new studio music in over 10 years weve got lots of BÖC to keep rocking for decades to come.

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Don’t Fear the Reaper!

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