Going back to your hometown is hard when it's a 1986 computer game

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Where is the Linux version?

Hrm… Children of the 80’s? I would think this is more for children of the 70’s who played games in the 80’s. I mean most those games were probably not played by 5 year olds… or 3 year olds etc.


The clitoris is a direct line to the matrix - THE VNS MATRIX

Wow, it must have taken a lot of work to create graphics as crappy as this. I mean that as a compliment.

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Yeah, you listed the platforms that don’t appear to be available first; what’s with that?

~sour penguin :stuck_out_tongue:

You must not know a lot of five-year-olds.

There’s not a lot of retro nostalgia for the CGA aesthetic (since it was ugly as sin even by 1981 standards), but it crops up occasionally. See also You Have to Win the Game, which is surprisingly fun.

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