Those were the days


Using only a few pix, what do you miss or think of from your childhood?

Anything that’s just laughable now…

I’ll start . .


I’m having difficulty finding things I enjoyed that don’t really exist in the mainstream or haven’t improved over time.
D&D? Streamlined game rules, and my joy, a real-time visual gaming sphere that exists in Dungeons and Dragons Online. True, it’s choice-limited and has evolved to be more monetized, but if you grew up with my assortment of fellow players, you’d be thankful to be able to find AND be able to pick and choose fellow players around the globe who generally agree with your playstyle (no cheaters, rage-quitters, or generally selfish kids).
Computers? Faster and more reliable. Portable. In your automobile dashboard.
Same thing for video games. More power and better graphics than the Pong or Asteroids I played as a kid.

Wait. Okay, one thing I really miss, but don’t feel bad about. If it continued, it would just be a washed-up has-been of a comic.


Don’t really miss much. :slight_smile:

My childhood mostly fucking sucked and any cool old stuff has has been overtaken by even cooler, newer, better stuff.
The TV I want to watch from way back, I can, thanks to the magic of The Intarwebz. The food and sweets are either still around or have been replaced by better things. The music is still there and at my fingertips. There’s emulators for all the games I want to play.
And even the toys are way better. I got a Lego “Bathrobe Batman” minifig the other day, complete with lobster. :smile:

So… ermm…



Starting with cartoons:











I’ll be back!



Everyone’s had a go?


Huh? .


I am attempting to parse your reply to me…


Oh, when “the banana” was only something to be ridden from the Brady Bunch . .

  • Biting tongue . . .




Blade Runner


Big Trouble in Little China


Indiana Jones

Armour of God



Empire Strikes Back

Last Unicorn

Flight of Dragons



Oh I meant to reply to the original post not yours. I.e. I miss my bike.


Don’t we all ? (strokin my banana…)



More or less chronologically


SPOT ON ! ! Every pic was/is the ultimate flashback for me !

(haven’t heard “Erector Set” since elementary school !)



Just remembered…




What I’m really nostalgic for are the days before everyone walked around staring at their phones.

Be Here Now.

[edit: I actually witnessed a kid yesterday being amazed by the existence of a pay phone, “I’d heard about these but never actually seen one!”]