Good deal on 18 pack of color dual brush pens

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what is the predicted quality of knife handle I can make with this?


why is boingboing plugging amazon products after reporting on the rekognition software? Maybe we shouldn’t be putting any more money in bezos’s pockets? is there some other source for this product?

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It’s for that sweet, sweet affiliate link income.

You could always try a different devil, and shop Walmart, they’re trying to eat Amazon’s lunch:

Lol yeah, sadly I have been, it’s like moral whack-a-mole. : (

I can’t believe walmart is now a lesser evil. it’s like bush looks great now doesn’t he?

I’m sorry but I can’t abide by recommendations to purchase cheap, disposable, shovel-ware crap that will end up in landfills sooner rather than later. Why not invest in quality, refillable pens? There are many options available. Excellent fountain pens (Like the Platinum Preppy) can be purchased for less than US$5.00. They use ink cartridges but you can also purchase “converters” that allow easy refilling from bottles of ink.

BB, you can’t publish stories about plastic garbage at the bottom of the Mariana Trench one day and the next promote “made-to-be-thrown-away” plastic crap.

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