Sakura pen and brush pen set

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This is my unsolicited opinion of these pens. They are great! That said, the kit noted by the author may not be for everyone.

I have used these pens for years. When I first came across them there was no easy way to find all the color variations that I wanted in my town, and thus, I think it was one of the first items I purchased via the Internet. Now they are easily available without having to import them.
I send postcards to my love when I am out and about. Sakura Pigma Microns have always done well for me. As to the kit, unless you are going to use all the different kinds of nib sizes and types, it might be better to start off with 05s (.45mm). The finest nibs are not for those with heavy hands. Both the fore and end caps are marked with a color approximating the ink contained within the pen. I have found the colors of the inks to vary little if any across years. Aside from the 05(45mm) black, if one wanted to try some Microns for print, scripting, or quick sketching, I suggest trying one other colors like sepia or purple.

They are good for pocket notebooks with better paper, but bleed through can happen. The colors are indeed deep, lightfast and water resistant. They are not prone to leaking, but it has happened to me. The color selection is very limited. I think there are 2 black colors, 3 browns, yellow, pink, 2 blues, 2 greens, and perhaps there are a few other colors in the mix. Not all colors are available in all nibs, at least at art stores. I always have one on my person, unless somebody walks away with one. They mark on most surfaces, but once they get dry they are best tossed out.

I recommend writing down the name, color, size and UPC code as listed on the pen, as for whatever reason, that information wears off the pen before all the other text.

Also, if you are a fan of removing branding, the information looks to be on a clear sticker. I think it could be removed if one wanted a clean unmarked pen, (less the color and nib size marks on the caps).

All of the Microns are well used, less the pink. I still have that one from my wedding day, and that was 4+ years ago. It still works well. The other tools, well who cares aside from me.


Mark has probably cost me $100 in recommendations in the past two years. Though only because the deals are so good.


I’ve used Microns on-and-off for years and was never very happy with them. I eventually gave up once I discovered the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen with replaceable ink cartridges. I also was never comfortable having to dispose of the Microns when their ink supply was exhausted. (Yes, I know you can refill with India ink, but…)

Last year I was turned on to Copic Multiliner pens. They come in the “standard” plastic-barreled version but the SP versions with their brushed aluminum barrels, replaceable nibs and ink cartridges instantly attracted me. I bought two to test out and instantly fell in love with them and quickly added a few more sizes to my set. There is even a brush pen. It’s a synthetic spongy tip similar to the Micron brush tip, and works very well with good “modulation.”


I like that roll. What brand/make is it?


It is the least expensive art/tool roll I have found that also holds up to use and abuse!

Niji Roll is printed on the strap.

The roll pictured is at least 10 years old. It is used daily and it travels in my bag. I recommend using a good long handled seam ripper to remove stitches for larger pens/tools or objects. The elastic on the one pictured has held up, but I also don’t over stretch the loops. It is technically vegan, as the one I have is all synthetic. I may have added a snap button or replaced one. I have memory of adding a snap.

This is a link to one place to purchase it from.

I generally see them at around $6-7. I paid under $5 at the local art supply store. I know this, as I bought two because I didn’t think it would last. I expected it to wear out quicker but it has weathered well.

I can get you names of any of the other tools pictured too.


Thank you for the linkage! Cheers!


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