Good deal on a 5lb bag of baking soda

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Frequently bought with: 1 Gallon White Vinegar.


I ran out of the bleach-based cleanser usually used to clean the bathroom, so I asked my housemates if they had any and they said no, they just used baking soda and vinegar. I thought, well, okaaaaay, it’ll probably do the job - likely not as well - and take more work.

Nuh-uh. Did a better job with far less work. Toilet, tub that had gotten very gross cuz it had been too long, and sink - amazing. It did take more patience, was the only con, but hey, if all I have to do is sprinkle some stuff around the tub and sink and dump some of it into the toilet and walk away for a while, that’s hardly a con at all. Scrubbing and wiping it off was a lot less strenuous that what I had been doing with the various other cleaners I’d been using.

As a bonus, it cleared my slow-running drains in the process.

The only thing that combo hasn’t conquered so far is some burnt oil that had caught fire in a glass pan. Thinking to try some washing soda on that; I hear it can tackle burnt-on stuff.


You can also use this to make bombs.

Bath bombs, that is.


Funny enough i actually needed to buy some. Thanks!

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That could work. I have good luck with Bar Keepers Friend.


I probably used 5lbs of baking soda when the wife’s dog got skunked and jumped all over all the furniture.


it is because of boingboing that i am boycotting amazon. i really respect the reporting here but can’t you guys find some other corporate overlord to shill for? i know it’s a matter of degrees of evil but like… i don’t know, etsy? alibaba?

Baking soda+hydrogen peroxide in massive quantities is still the best solution for deskunking a dog, and is the reason we keep 5 pound bags of the soda around. (We pay more to buy it locally, to minimize the carbon footprint.) It has the added benefit of giving your dog a whole new look, depending on its starting color. (Tomato juice, which incidentally hardly works at all for skunk, has a similar effect if you start with a white dog.)


15 pounds is $8.46, a better deal if you can dead-lift that much.

ETA: Note that regular shipping is free, but expedited shipping (3 days faster) is $300+.


Cripes, how much can you use? I still have the same box of baking soda I bought in 1978.

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That’s why I was thinking. One of my kids is big into them and buying whole flats of baking soda at the grocery store is getting tedious. I looked into buying 20# bags from the local restraunt supply–but they won’t sell to non-restraunts. Why they care is a bit confusing.


It’s actually hilarious how often they link to amazon. Courtesy of another poster here, I learned to even by clicking the link, BB will get referral money on anything you buy in the next 24 hours. So don’t even click the links.

Anyway, this deal works out to $0.68/lb. you can get it every day at Costco for $7.49/13.5 lbs, or $0.55/lb.


I had to clean a super gross bathtub.
I cut a grapefruit in half, at it with a grapefruit spoon, saving the shells / skins halves.
Poured the baking soda in the tub, used it with the two halves to as scrubbers.

Smells nice too. If you are into grapefruit. Would probably work with lemons but they are smaller and harder to use.


Can confirm.

Sometimes we use Dawn Ultra Dish Soap to degrease first, then your list of stuff. Works well but you really have to work the baking soda into the fur so that it is in contact with the dog’s skin–hard! Even with a brush!

Our dog has been skunked 5 times. Each time on a leash. It’s always awful.

I got a 4lb from the Dollar General for 2 dollars.
But then again, I didn’t get the pleasure of having it packed in yet another cardboard box, shipped by air, unloaded by a driver making slave wages, and carelessly thrown at the door step.

/it’s being used to neutralize the acid being used to clean the rusty toilet.
//Edit: It was a 4 lb box for 2 dollars at the dollar general.

I was suitably impressed when I got the stains off my laminate countertop using a little bit of damp baking soda. Not even those famous melamine sponges seemed capable of making a dent.

That’s the problem isn’t it? There’s actually still plenty of better places to buy stuff, but they don’t all have payola programs.

I was going to make a snarky comment about the handcrafted artisan baking soda you could get from etsy, then I checked etsy…

Turns out you can buy baking soda on etsy. Who knew.


I’ve had a lot of success cleaning glassware with a flat razor. It probably won’t help much on the curved sides, but at the bottom of the pan you can probably scrape most everything away.

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